[Download apk] Mikey Shorts for Android – Run, Jump and Swipe

By | August 6, 2014


There are tons of  running games for Android in Play Store but today I am here with an exciting new 2D running game called Mikey Shorts, and I am sure you people will love playing this game, there are many reasons to play this game which I tell later in this post.

Mikey Shorts is developed by the very famous developer who once were enemies of each other ( Mike Gaughen and Mike Meade ). This is a very simple and tricky running game where you have to help Mikey Shorts to save people while running, jumping and sliding through the land. At the same time you can collect coins to get new accessories to improve your running and jumping skills and to unlock other levels.

This is more like a Nintendo based Super Mario’s game interface and most of the game play is also same, as you can see in the screenshots of the game, the only thing here you can’t do here is, shooting. To know more about the game play, check out the video below.

Here are the main features of the very popular Mikey Shorts:

  • 4 different levels across 2 game modes
  • Race against a ghost of your best score
  • Split times at gates show +/- your best score
  • 6 unique environments
  • Golden Shorts are hidden in all Story levels
  • Quick retry button for restarting a level
  • Ability to customize controls
  • Adjust transparency of the control buttons
  • View various game stats
  • Earn achievements both online and offline
  • Choose from over 170 disguises to wear
  • Finish a level fast to earn up to 3 stars

Download Mikey Shorts for Android  – [Play Store Link]

Download Mikey Shorts apk [Link]