Doubble Time USB cable Charges Full Battery in Half a Time


Normally Charging your Tablets or Smartphone by using computers or car takes more time when compare with the device charges. If you are recharging your mobile phone or tab in the desktops or car inside USB cable, parallelly you are doing other work through GPS functionality the mobile battery level remains the same because using power is more when compare with power charging through USB cable.

Doubble Time Charger


To increase the speed of the charging there are many wireless charges can in to existence to come this problem, But Doubble time believes a simple and easiest way to over this problem. The concept behind this solution is very simple and help needed. Generally if you charge with normal USB cable the problem is that when ever to plan to connect the charge it automatically prepares to sync and connect. Nothing much did by the Doubble Time simply they made a switch which enable only for charger feature.

By turning the switch on the mobile starts charging through this Doubble Time USB cable fast with respective time, The company candidates conducted a test as well on this USB cable which is used for charging. They tested on the i phone 5s where this smartphone takes 3 hours 29 minutes with normal charge and this special charge takes only 2 hours 3 minutes to complete the full charging.

And also they conducted test on the Samsung s4, This mobile is taking on 3 hours and 8 minutes around 6 hours. The results are very attractive and impressive with respective time. The Doubble time is planning to sell this Adpoters and cables for $15 for advance booking where this is a limited offer and they will increase to $18 to $20. There is another offer that for two Doubble Time charges they are charging only $35