Door to Door Organics raises $25.5 million in Series B funding


Door to Door Organics, a natural and organic online grocer has announced it raising $25.5 million in Series B round of funding led by Arlon Group along with the participation of Greenmont Capital Partners.

Door to door organics

Founded in 2005, Door to Door Organics is a leading natural and organic online grocer that empowers its customers with new, easier ways to shop, plan and cook family meals and make healthier food choices that also support their local communities and environment. As a means to offer different services to different customers, it offers a personalized, contextual shopping platform and offers time-saving tools like Shop by Recipe, simple meal planning and Restock. As a means of supporting local farming and artisans initiatives, the company partners with 200 local farming partners to operate fully integrated, multi-state, farm-to-table USDA-certified organic product supply chain.

Chad Arnold, CEO of Door to Door Organics said, “We help our customers to live a healthy lifestyle by making it simple to get natural, organic and locally sourced food through a powerful online shopping platform.” He added, “Our focus is on high quality fresh food and helping people make great meals, not replacing all the other stuff that you can get at the grocery store. This latest round of financing from Arlon Group will help to catalyze our expansion efforts and allow us to further deliver on this core focus – all while delivering on a sustainable ecommerce grocery business model.”

Door to Door

With the fresh funds raised, Door to Door Organics plans to go on with executing on its proven growth model as a leading natural and organic online grocer and expand its operations into newer markets. Further to the funding round, Michelle Brooks, a managing principal at Arlon Group and Alexander Bernstein, a Principal at Arlon Group will join the company’s board of directors.

“The incredible growth of the online grocery industry in recent years has led to an extremely high amount of investment and innovation,” said Brooks. “We’ve been studying the online grocery industry since 2010 and Door to Door Organics is one of the few companies in the industry that has a proven model for growth and a demonstrated record of profitability. As the market continues to expand we are confident that the company’s model will enable it to exceed our expectations for success.”

Door to Door Organics currently functions in 11 markets and 30 cities that consists of Denver, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Detroit and Chicago. The company quite recently has widened its services with adding a new 25,000 square-foot warehouse. Till the end of last year, it claims to have served 37,000 new customers.