Donald Trump, in his tweet, attacks Amazon over jobs and taxes


Donald Trump has been on the roll against the Amazon for quite a while, regarding the jobs and taxes. According to his tweet, he said that the popular eCommerce seller has been doing a lot of damage to the tax paying retailers. The towns and the cities stated under the states throughout the United States of America are being hurt because of the Amazon and that many jobs are being lost because of the same.

Donald Trump 01

Following the tweet that has been tweeted on July 25th, the Amazon stock fell by 0.5% on a whole in the states of the US. Amazon has been one of the frequent targets of the president Donald Trump on Twitter.

According to the tweet made by Donald Trump, it is said that the Washington Post is actually owned by the infamous Jeff Bezos, who is also the CEO of Amazon. In 2015, Donald Trump has tweeted that the Amazon if at all pay the fair taxes, its stock will crash and the entire site will crumble like a bag. Brian Stelter, the CNN host has however suggested that Donald Trump’s recent tweet on Amazon is somehow related to the headline of the Washington Post.