Doctor Insta bags $500K from Rishi Pati and BrahmaX Ventures



India based healthcare startup, Doctor Insta has raised $500K in Pre-series A round of funding from angel investor Rishi Pati and US based VC firm BrahmaX Ventures. The company will use this fund in its research and development of the product. The company is also looking to raise another $1 to $2 Million for expanding its business and marketing.

Doctor Insta is a platform that offers healthcare consultancy via video conferencing. The company is trying to bridge the gap between doctors and patients by providing them a common platform, where both can interact and discuss problem of the patients. This tech will be very useful in the problem, where no checkup is required.

Doctor Insta is looking solve very common problem in healthcare sector like accessibility, consistency and reliability. The main goal of the company is to bring quality healthcare service to everyone in this $100 Billion Healthcare market of India.

Doctor Insta will save time for both doctor and patients, as doctor can look, listen and interact with patient through its audio visual platform and give treatment in just 15 to 20 minutes. The company has partnered with various Online Pharmacies and Diagnostic Labs, so that it can provide easy solution to user’s healthcare problems. The company offers its video healthcare solutions through its Web page and Android app.

There are some other players in this space. Doctor Insta faces completion from HealthEnablr India, iClinic Healthcare and mHealth Ventures India Pvt Ltd.