DMV releases accidents reports involving self-driving cars

By | October 10, 2015


The California DMV has released the reports of accidents that involve autonomous cars for last one year. The report suggests that all the eight accidents that involved Google’s self driving cars was caused by humans.

This accident report published by DMV shows exactly how accidents involving autonomous cars happened. The report clearly suggests that human are to blame for the accidents not the autonomous tech, if you want to read the report, click on DMV accident report.

DMV listed 9 reports that include 8 accident reports involving Google’s Self driving cars. This doesn’t come as surprise, as Google has more than 20 of its self driving cars on the roads. The accidents report suggests that most of accidents happen, because the car hits the rear end of Google’s Self driving cars. The reason behind this is, the car causing the accident was not stopping in time or speeding up too fast at the intersections.

Google started publishing reports of accidents involving its cars back in May and had given exact reason for the accidents that DMV reports suggests. Only one another autonomous car has been involved in the accidents in last one year and that car is of Delphi Automotive. That accidents also happened when handler was driving the car.