Dmail eliminates and overturns Gmail messages with no time constraint

By | July 24, 2015

In today’s business world, most of the confidential information or conversation is put across through e-mail. What if that highly confidential email is sent to a wrong person or the information which was not supposed to be shared or forwarded to anyone but reaches to somebody else?

Many of us, be it a common man/business man/student might have been guilty about sending an email to a wrong recipient, Dmail aims to tackle and solve all this concerns by launching a new tool to take in charge of the messages sent through Gmail. The application and websites are upgrading every now and then, that the risk of making an error in any sort has become less.

After Gmail labs, Dmail allows you to eliminate all the eroded mail and overturns the sent mail with no time constraint as applied to the Gmail labs, where after sending an email you can undo it within 30 seconds only.

Dmail is soon going to initiate a new feature which will prevent your mails from forwarding to the other recipients without your consent.

How it works?

Dmail can be accessed only by installing a Google Chrome web browser extension by the email sender.

After installing the Google chrome extension, your new compose mail will have a new option above the send button as Dmail with On/Off toggle switch and towards right will be the option of destroying the mail within an hour/a day/a week/never . when the Dmail is on, you can specify your preferred destroy option.

after installing google chrome, new compose mail will have dmail toggle switch with the destry option.

Destroy options

Destroy options

So once you compose and send a mail after choosing the preferred destroy option, if you find that you have sent a wrong mail or to a wrong person you can immediately click on the sent mail option, you will find an option “Revoke Email’ towards your right corner, as soon as you click on that the mail would be destroyed in 10 min from your sent mail as well as from the receiver’s mail saying, “This message has been destroyed and is no longer available.”

after sending the mail, it can be deleted using the option "revoke email"

the mail would be destroyed from your sent mail as well as from the receiver's mail.

The mail would be destroyed from your sent mail as well as from the receiver’s mail.

The interesting and smart thing about Dmail is that when you send a mail secured through Dmail, once the mail is received it appears saying “This secure message was sent using Dmail. To view this message, simply click the button below”


The receiver can view this mail in Gmail, only if he had installed the chrome extension otherwise he might have to click on the option given below as “View Message” and it will be redirected to another web view, where they can read the mail.


Dmail presently works only with Gmail, the long-term goal is to expand access to other platforms, including Google Apps.

Dmail iOS application will be launched in August, and will be followed by an Android release. These apps will allow users to both compose and read Dmails right from their smartphone.