Discovery releases series of Virtual Reality short films

By | August 28, 2015


Discovery has released some short Virtual Reality video under its Virtual Reality Network named Discovery VR. They have released a series of short 360 degree shark videos.

The video can be viewed online at YouTube, the official website of DiscoveryVR  and also can be viewed on Android and iOS App. The VR videos of Discovery can also be viewed by using Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR headset as well as the upcoming Oculus Rift of Facebook. While Samsung Gear VR headset is already available in the market, Oculus Rift of Facebook is expected to be out next year.

If you are watching videos on your smartphone, you may need to move around to cover all the angles. Similarly mouse has to be used to view all the angles in the laptop. But this video covers every angle one can possibly think of.

Conal Byrne , the senior Vice President of digital media at Discovery Communication Inc. says, “It needs to be repeated that we’re experimenting a lot. There are borders and boundaries that we’re really going to try to push.”

Discovery VR is planning to release some more new VR videos. The video will be related to some of currently available shows like “MythBusters”, “Survivorman” and “Gold Rush” with some more original content.