How to disconnect Google+ from YouTube account


YouTube has created outrage among its users by switching its commenting system to Google+. Many of the users are not feeling happy with this new partnership, because it asks the users to create the Google+ account forcibly in order to comment on the YouTube content and some others are not happy because they are forced to use their real names.

If you want to use your previous username on YouTube, you can go back to use it. You don’t need to have a Google+ account in order to comment on YouTube content. Here is the small tutorial explaining how to disconnect your Google+ from YouTube account.

How to disconnect Google+ from YouTube account

  • First sign into your YouTube account and then click on the arrow present next to the profile picture at top right corner of the page and it will display the YouTube menu.
  • Now find the YouTube settings from the pop down menu and click on it.
  • Under your email address, next to the profile, click on return name to and disconnect Google+ profile.
  • Click on OK on the next page and below is what will happen after completing the process.
    • Now the name of your YouTube channel will be as your old username.
    • Your Google+ profile will be still existing with the real name on it, but you can delete if you don’t want. Even if you choose to keep your Google+ profile, it will be no longer connected to YouTube account.
    • Now you don’t want to worry about the comments and videos you comment on automatically being posted on to your Google+ profile.

But, unfortunately this method will not get you back the old commenting system back, but this will help you get rid of the unwanted Google+ account and disconnect Google+ from YouTube account.