How to disable all Win+Keyboard shortcuts in Windows


All the Windows users generally will be aware of WIN key present on the keyboard and it is used to quickly access the start menu or start screen in the Windows Operating System. Windows Key can also be used in combination of other keys to access other programs and functions in Windows. There are so many such keyboard shortcuts available in Windows. Although these shortcuts are very useful, but many people find these shortcuts as annoying, because many of this shortcuts may coincide with some applications and games.

If you don’t want these shortcuts then the below tutorial will help how to disable this shortcuts. For better understanding, this tutorial has been divided into two parts.

  • Disable WIN+hotkeys only
  • Disable WIN keys completely

If you don’t want to disable only WIN key, but don’t want to disable other keys then follow first tutorial. If you want to disable the WIN key completely then follow the second part of the tutorial.

How to disable all Win+Keyboard shortcuts in Windows

Part 1 : Disable WIN+Hotkeys

  1. Open the Run option from the startbar on your Windows PC and then type gpedit.msc in it  and then hit Enter, then it will open the Group Policy editor.
  2. Now go to User configuration>Administrative templates>Windows Components>Windows/File explorer. 
  3. Now in the right side pan, look for “Turn of Windows+X hotkeys” option.
  4. By default the option would be set to Not configured, double-click on it and set it to configured.

That’s it you are done, it will immediately turn off the WIN+hotkeys shortcuts on your Windows PC.

Part 2 : Disable WIN key completely

If you want to disable Windows Key completely then, such that no one can use the Windows Key, then the below method can help you.

    • To do this you need a third party software called “Sharp Keys”, it let you to disable any desired key or change the functionality of the key on your keyboard.
      Download Sharp Keys
    • Launch the software and click on Add button and now click on “Type Key” button in the first section. Then it will open the small dialog box to detect the key and now press “WIN Key” and now it will store the key, then click on OK button.
    • Now set the value of “To this key(To Key)” section to “–Turn Key off(00-00)”. Now click on OK button and click on “Write to registry button”. 

If your keyboard has two WIN keys then repeat this procedure for another key also. It will save the settings to the immediately to the Windows registry and restart your computer and upon REBOOT, the windows key will be disabled.