How to disable new Windows animations in Windows 10 Technical preview

By | October 25, 2014

Microsoft has recently released Windows 10 technical preview and if you have been updated with the news on Windows 10 technical preview, you have seen a deluge of new features, both functional and creative. It has came up with lots of new features, which also included the start menu, new animations and more other potions. Amongst the new features that are added in Windows 10 technical preview is, the new animation when opening and closing the Windows.

This new feature has been added as the part of the latest version, preview build 9860. This has received mixed reviews from the users, most of the users find this new development as classy whereas some found it annoyed. So if you want to disable this new Windows animation feature in the Windows 10 technical preview, here is the small tutorial which helps you to do so.

How to disable new Windows animations in Windows 10

  • Drag the charms bar on your Windows 10 and open PC settings and then Settings>Change PC settings
  • Select Ease of access
  • Here select other options
  • Toggle the switch next to the play animations in windows

These same steps can be done for disabling the animations in Windows 8 as well. If you any new tweaks and some tips regarding Windows 10, you can share with us.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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