How to Disable Internet on your Computer


If some other person use your laptop or PC and try to connect to the internet and you don’t want to allow to connect them to internet. Using firewall you can use disable the internet but for that also you need to access and get through all the procedure to do so. Also is you start getting notifications, emails, tweets and you want to disturb that time then this tip will sure help you out. According to people who have visited this post, said that, this is the quickest way to disable internet on computer.

Disable Internet

Disable Internet on your Computer

Should you ever wish to “forcefully” keep away from the Internet for some time, the Toggle Internet script will do what you want in a little simpler way for you. This little script will disable the Internet on your Windows for a while with a click and you can restore the Internet connection back at whatever time later with, once more, a click is required to do so.

  • Just download Toggle-Internet.bat on your desktop.
  • Right click, choose “Run as Administrator” and you will be instantly disconnected from the Internet.
  • Later, whenever you need to reconnect the internet, just right-click the same file and run as an admin as before.


You are thinking what an important file it is, but the file merely includes few settings that you generally do to disable the internet. If you were to disable or enable the Network Adapter manually, you can go for the steps: Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> View Network Status -> Change Adapter Settings.

Here is another handy tool or method that allows you to disable only specific time taking websites. Toggle Internet block all sites but should you wish to disable access to just a select groups of time-taking websites while staying connected to Email or Google Docs, use Let Me Work. It even allows you to make you own list of sites that should be blocked and this script will modify the Windows HOSTS file to shut them off automatically, but temporarily. Every time you need to make the list if you want to use this facility later.