How to disable Hot Corners in Windows 8.1

By | September 17, 2014

One of the disturbance in windows 8 was Hot corner, this is feature which allows the users to access some predefined shortcuts by moving the cursor to top left or top right of the screen. When you move the cursor to the top left corner of the screen the App Switcher or App switch list is shown which allows you to navigate between the running apps or close running apps.

If you move the cursor to the Top right corner of the screen Charms bar is shown which provides the quick access to the five shortcuts such as search, settings, share, start and devices. Actually these Hot Corners are kept to help the window 8 users but this made some disturbances to the users. They wanted to disable this but there is no option. Finally Microsoft comes up with an option to disable Hot Corners in Windows 8.1. This article gives the correct information regarding about how to disable Hot Corners. For this the users of the windows 8.1 have to follow the below steps.

How to disable Hot corners in windows 8.1

Now windows 8 is updated to windows 8.1 and this latest version users will not need to use any extra software to turn off these hot corners. You can disable hot corners quickly and easily using Task bar Properties or PC Settings. Follow the below steps to disable the Hot Corner if you are using the windows 8.1 version.

Method 1 By using task bar properties

  • Right click on the task bar and select presentation.
  • And this will open the Task bar and navigation properties.
  • Go to the”Navigation” tab and unchecked following options present in “Corner navigation” section like


  • When I point to upper right corner screen charms to show and when I point to top left corner switch between my latest applications.
  • These are the two sections you need to uncheck.
  • Apply the changes you have done.

Method :2 By using PC settings

  • Move the cursor to the right or left corner of the screen to tab on the settings icon in the charm bar.
  • Once you are done with this now click on the change PC settings.
  • This open the open PG settings page.


  • Now go to the PC and devices > corners and edges.
  • By seeing the screen shot, you can easily disable the Charms or hot spot simply make the corner navigation section to off
  • That’s it you are done with disabling Hot corners.