How to disable Blinkfeed on HTC One M8

By | September 30, 2014

Blinkfeed is one of the coolest features of HTC One M8. Blinkfeed is the launcher from HTC released only for HTC devices which keep you up-to-date in an instant. Users can get the social posts, breaking news, sports updates and more, which is based on what you like all in single place. You can personalize your own stream of the online contents in seconds and stay updated in glance.  It is similar to the Google’s Google now launcher.

Blinkfeed newsfeed app makes it very easy to access the things like Twitter and Facebook in one stop. But some of the users who are annoyed of getting these updates on to their phone. So for them here I am going to show how to disable the Blinkfeed on HTC One M8 smartphone.

How to disable Blinkfeed on HTC One M8


  • First go to the home screen on your device, there pinch with two fingers to bring up the overview screen.
  • Here long press on the Blinkfeed screen up top, it will be seen on the far left.
  • Once the Blinkfeed icon is moved, drag it to the remove trash bin icon.

That’s it you have disabled Blinkfeed launcher, if you want to add it back, it is very easy. When you are in the overview screen, you will find the placeholder with +Blinkfeed. After finding that, just tap on it, you are back in Blinkfeed bliss.

For those who don’t like Blinkfeed or just want to customize their devices, removing the Blinkfeed is very important.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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