Direct TV released a set-top box for 4K movies



Direct TV is launching a new set-top box named the 4K Genie Mini, which will allow the user to rent a selected movies and natural documentaries in 4K ultra HD. This new step for 4K service looks promising, because when Direct TV started offering 4K services last year, it was only available for people who had “Direct TV Ready” TV.

If you want to use the 4K Genie Mini set-top box, then you should have a 4K TV, which supports HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2. Nowadays 4K TV is pretty common, so you won’t have problem in matching the requirements for this new 4K Genie Mini services from Direct TV, though the 4K content on the 4K Genie Mini is limited right now. According to Direct TV, the number of 4K movies will vary from one week to another and most of the time you have to wait for 4K movies to be downloaded, before you start watching it.

This 4K Genie Mini is good and worthy for you only if you plan to rent the 4K movies on regular basis. The price of 4K Genie Mini is $99, but there are chances that it may vary according to the plans. With this new 4K Genie Mini, one of the largest TV provider of United states plans to make 4K ultra HD movie watching easier.