Sprint expands its Direct 2 You service to seven more cities

By | October 14, 2015


Sprint Corp. is expanding its Direct 2 You home delivering service. “Direct 2 You” set up and phone delivery service was launched recently by Sprint. Sprint added seven more cities to its Direct 2 You home delivery option. The name of these cities includes Las Vegas, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, New Orleans and Nashville. This means that Sprint now offers its Direct 2 You service in 27 metropolitan cities in United States.

If you are staying in these localities, Sprint will bring its in-store experience to your door steps. With this service, Sprint allows its customers to order a new smartphone from home. In addition to this, company’s representatives will deliver the phone as well as set it up for free of cost. The Sprint employee will set up your device, transfer all the contacts and answer all your questions.

Sprint said, “In addition to setting up the phone, the Direct 2 You expert will transfer all content, including contacts, pictures, games and apps, to ensure the device is ready to go. The expert also provides personalized training and tips to help you become familiar with using your new mobile device.”

This Direct 2 You service was launched back in April and it is already available in various cities including Las Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago and some other major cities. The company said that it is planning to expand its service to even more cities in 2016.