Didi Kuaidi launches personal chauffeur service in China


Didi Kuaidi, the largest cabs aggregator in China has launched yet another initiative to diversify the domain it already dominates in the world’s most populated country.

Didi Kuaidi

The new service is the second after the huge $2 Billion funding Didi Kuaidi raised earlier this month. This service is mostly for the people who own an automobile but need someone to take them around without a long term commitment. The service charges a fixed amount for the first 10 kilometers and then there is an additional charge for every kilometer.

Didi Kuaidi became the largest cab aggregator in China after the merger of two companies happened earlier this year. To make the new initiative work, Didi Kuaidi has already recruited over a million personal chauffeurs. The service is currently available, however, the company claims to make it available in at least 15 cities by the end of the next month.