Developer reveals how Cortana helpful for Home automation


We have recently seen a some of the cool stuffs that Cortana can do for you with Windows Phone 8.1, and how it is more than just a personal assistant for that Contana is known for. Anyhow the developers over at Onion have tested Cortana’s capacity to coordinate with third party applications to take it to a totally another level.



How Cortana helpful for Home automation

As the video is quite short, the result are a luring take a gander at just what could be ahead for Windows Phone, alongside with smartphone and other smart gadgets alike.

Using Onion’s ( cloud-based infrastructure and firmware, developers were able to utilize normal voice commands to get Cortana to turn off and on a Lamp, as well as to print grocery list using a receipt printer.

Sure, we would not be walking through into Ikea for a voice-commanded light or a grocery list printer at whatever time soon, yet with starting ascent of the “web of things” and the versatility of Cortana, this future may not be too faraway.

Watched the video?? what you think how it was? Is the demo in the video a

So what do you think? Is the demonstration in this video a funny, or is this what the future holds in store? How interested are you to wire your stuffs and everything in it to the internet?

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