Developer Ambassador Program for Windows Phone Cancelled

By | August 27, 2014

The tech giant Microsoft has  continued to its move around – various employees or contractors, which are mainly related to Nokia and Windows Phone Operating System. Although the significant cuts came a few days before, and now there are some aftershocks being felt. After the those deals with the Developer Ambassador program from the NokiaDVLUP group (, as which the team is being disbanded effective at the end of this month.


According to one of a report -In the letter which is  sent out to developers from Microsoft DVLUP, the news of the group’s demise has revealed.  Whereas  the Consumers often do not see the developer side of Windows Phone eco-system, but the software developers  are mainly looking to jump to the Microsoft’s mobile OS have certainly had contact with the Developer Ambassadors. The team of hardworking, smart, and engaging representatives went out of their way to host events, hackathons, seminars and work directly with aspiring Windows Phone developers from the whole North America region.

To the Developer Ambassadors – Rich Dunbar, Nick Landry, Bill Reiss, Atley Hunter, Lance McCarthy, Greg Stoll, George Salcedo, Jan Hannemann, and Robert Shurbet – we salute and give lots applause you and owe you our thanks.