Derbii, Indian carpooling app raises Angel funding


Derbii, the carpooling app based out of Gurgaon in India has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Anurag Chauhan (Accenture) and Arvind Modi (Komli Developers).

Derbii was founded in December 2015, before the first round of odd-even rule started in Delhi. It provides door-to-door pick up service for the daily commuters in Delhi NCR region. The users can specify their route in Delhi and then can request for a daily pick up. They are matched with other people commuting in the same direction. The app charges Rs 50 for first 5 kilometres and Rs. 3.5 for every kilometer afterwards.

Speaking on the development, Gaurav Sinsinwar, Founder Derbii stated that the team has been working to provide an economical, comfortable and end-to-end solution to the commuters. This new product is the offering to commuters looking for a fast and reliable solution and the team has done pretty well to build a decent consumer base.

The founders of Derbii have been working on the corporate taxi solution since late 2014 with a name called WinWinCab. However, seeing the need of a reliable pooling solution in Delhi, they tried experimenting with the consumer space and seems like they have found a good bet for the time going forward.

With the raised funds, it is looking to bring in more vehicles in the fleet and reach a target of at least 5000 customers everyday by the end of October 2016. Along with that, a part of the raised funds will go in revamping the technology to create more efficient solutions.

Talking about how Derbii differentiates from other pooling services, it stated various points including the fact that it is a monthly subscription based service and the user doesn’t need to book a cab every single day. Also, it provides end to end service, which means that there is no need of getting into another mean of transport and the users are dropped right at their destination. Another factor is the pricing, which seems to be working in the favor. No matter what route the user takes and how much time the journey lasts, the pricing is on the basis of kilometers traveled.