Demise of RadioShack seems to be at Amazon’s advantage

By | February 4, 2015

The demise of RadioShack brings an end to the store that once catered to technology enthusiast and hobbyist with hard-to-find gadgets, peripherals and accessories. It always said one man’s loss is another man’s gain. True to the quote, the bankruptcy of the company has placed number of companies on vigilant watch to scoop up a share of its 4000 retail stores situated all around the US. One of the those much expected companies is the giant e-commerce company, Amazon, according to Bloomberg.


Various sources claim that Amazon is keen about purchasing some of the RadioShacks stores to boost up its physical outlet operation. The online retailer would use the stores to display its new products like Kindle etc., and also make it a pick-up point for collecting the ordered goods.


It is long said that Amazon had plans to expand its operation into physical retail locations. True to the rumor, Amazon has recently opened a pick-up store for the students inside Purdue University, Indiana.

If Amazon means to use the bad luck of RadioShacks to its advantage, it may face tough competition among few other companies who are also interested in it. American Telecommunication network Sprint is said to be equally interested like Amazon to buy half of RadioShack’s crumbling properties to ‘co-brand’ and increase its phone sales. Another investment company behind Brookstone, also, seems to be interested in purchasing the retail outlets, says the report.

As the report states, if Amazon is successful in its bid, it would place Amazon into direct competition with Apple, which has set the pace with its own showroom efforts in recent years.