Most demanded IT Skills in 2015 (Globally)

By | December 1, 2014
Project Manager

The recession in the last few years has seen a lot of companies firing the employees, specially in the IT and marketing department. However, despite of big companies axing their loyal and trusted employees, there are a lot more of opportunities for those as well as for the new tech experts.

The world today runs with IT and in a scenario like this, there are very less chances that we can ignore the fact that there are still a lot of possibilities to get into the IT industry provided you have some skills which the industry needs. 2014 has seen a lot of amazing innovations across the globe and this is surely going to continue in the coming years.

For all those tech enthusiasts, who are aiming for a career in the IT industry, here is a compiled report about the most demanded IT skills in 2015.

This report is compiled with the data taken from various sources (online and offline). The editorial team of The Tech Bulletin personally interacted with few leading companies to get an idea of the skills which will be required by those IT companies in the coming year. Let’s have a look at the 10 best technologies in IT domain which can get you an amazing offer in 2015

1. High end programming and app development

Programming and app development skills

Programming remains one of the most demanded field for the big companies. Out of the companies which were included in our list, over 50% accepted that they will be hiring programmers in the coming year.

According to one of the official spokesperson of a leading IT service providing company based out of Kansas City,

We are constantly looking for the amazing talent which can help us stay ahead in the race. The most important skill which we require is programming. In the fast growing competition, it is very hard for us to find the candidates who can cope up with the scale and expectations of the industry.

There are millions of people who are available, but most of them are with very limited development skills, the industry needs people who are a step ahead and who can get extremely comfortable working in any environment and with any team.

2. Project managers

Project Manager

Last couple of years have seen a massive growth in the investment going to the IT sector. A lot of service as well as product based companies have raised a significant amount of investment and most of them are looking to scale big.

Scaling big in terms of the operations need project managers. The specific quality is gaining more attention because project managers are the people who have amazing technical as well as business skills at the same time and who have the ability of manage the big projects along with who can scale up as and when it is needed.

However, even in this case, the companies are looking to play on some experienced folks who have experience managing similar teams with similar kind of projects and again, according to some industry leaders, this is a tough task finding the perfect candidates.

In our research, around 40% companies admitted that they are soon going to hire for the post of project manager.

3. Tech Support/ Help Desk

Tech Support engineer

Tech support is an evergreen field. The growth in the terms of industry and their customers always needs people solving their queries. Over 35% of the people who were a part of our study admitted the need of hiring tech support executives in the coming years.

However, there is again a catch, for the help desk/tech support, companies look for confident people who are good at technology and communication at the same time.

4. Security Experts

Cyber Security Experts

More than the security experts, hackers are in the news since a bit of time. Tech experts have seen the security of many authority websites getting compromised and that is a serious concern ahead for the big IT companies.

It has not been so long since iCloud was hacked and the personal data of a lot of well known celebrities was accessed, later the data was made public through a few sources and that raised a lot of concerns about the security of clouds etc.

A leading product company based out of Washington DC claims that there is a lot of need to overcome the security threats and that is one of the reasons why they have tripled their security team in last couple of years and they plan to hire a few more people to overcome any possible threat in the future.

From our list of the potential IT leaders, 30% agreed to the fact that the industry needs a lot of reliable security experts in the coming year.

5. Web Development

Creative Website Development in 2015

Web development remains an ever growing need for the industry. There are over a few hundred million domains registered online and there are a few hundred domain names which are getting registered every single minute.

The need of having a creative website along with some nice features always remains. There is a huge need of creative folks who can implement amazing ideas into reality because most of the peeps out there are still trying to make their living out of the traditional web design and development techniques. So there is a gap between the need of the industry and the supply which is available, if you are one of those people who can fill that gap, the future looks amazing. Around 28% of the members in our list admitted that they are looking to hire the web development folks provided they match to the expectations.

6. Database Management

Database Management 2015

Database management is yet another field which can not be ignored by any organization running operations in tech domain or having some dependency on technology products. With the growing tech market, customers and processes, the need of database managers is ever growing and around 25% companies from our list agreed to the face of planning to hire manpower in this domain in the coming year.

Well, that’s all or this list, these are some of the most demanded skills in 2015. If you are looking to get along with a good organization, at a good location and with a decent package, these skills can get you all what you need.