Dell Alien ware M17X R4 laptop specs with review


This laptop Dell Alien ware M17x R4 is one of the best laptop around the world including other company laptops this laptops featuring a powerful new chip set, advanced graphics and featuring a powerful new chip set, advanced graphics options and an optional 3D screen 3D screen for an impressive gaming experience that you can pack up and take with you


Where the device comes from 17.3 inch huge display The latest update to the M17x line is no exception; packed into the familiar chassis are a quad-core Intel Ivy Bridge processor, 8GB of RAM, and a Ge Force GTX 680M GPU, the fastest mobile GPU Nvidia currently has to offer. 

Design and Build

Similar to performance the design also place a major role in the success of the product, The keyboard itself can have four distinct colors. Lighting themes and options can be changed using the Alienware Command Center software. Every time I review an Alienware, I spend an inordinate amount of time making themes. This is truly a unique setup.The device weighs around 10 pounds and 2 inches thickness.

The build body of the device is solid, and the device made up of plastic. M17 has totol four memory slots, to accessing to other two requires removing the keyboard which is not very hard to remove. The device had four USB ports and has HDMI port which is useful to play games through Xbox or play station on this 17 inch screen.

Keyboard and touch pad

The M17x has a full-size keyboard with separate numeric keypad. The backlighting is second to none and the four quadrants of the keyboard can be changed to a different color making it look too cool. I like the keyboard backlight pattern too; not only is the letter itself illuminated, but also the edge of the key. The back lighting can of course be disabled.When it comes to touch pad it is a smooth surface with two buttons, one is left click and other is right click .

Screen and Speakers

As I mention earlier the device has 17.3 inch display with 1920 x 1080. It has satisfactory color satisfaction color saturation and great contrast. The viewing angles on this device not up to the mark. The two stereo speakers are located under palm rest. The sound of the speaker are much bigger than the physical appearance. Finally I can say speakers has enough power to entertain people in the small room.


The gaming performance of the laptop is awesome the GTX 680M has the numbers to prove it is a top-shelf card. It’s a safe assumption that there is no modern game the M17x R4 cannot play on maximum settings with this card. The M17x R4 comes standard with an Nvidia GTX 660M and is available with an AMD Radeon HD 7970M and Nvidia GTX 675M, which are a few hundred cheaper. The GTX 680M is the fastest of course, but there’s an extra high premium for the privilege. The device is powered by quad-core Intel Ivy Bridge processor, 8GB of RAM.

Battery life

Measured around 4 hours and 20 minutes life of battery during our standard battery run down test of balanced power profile. The system automatically switches the dedicated GTX 680M graphics card off and uses the integrated Intel HD, which greatly reduces power consumption. The SSD and third-gen Intel Core i7 processor are also good on power.


Over all this is the one of the best certified gaming laptops, with Very high class specifications as well, the device is powered by Quad-core Intel Ivy bridge processor and has 8 GB of RAM, when it comes to price  it has $2,999,99. I can say its the better photo for gaming.