How to delete your Facebook history

By | July 5, 2014

You know Facebook stores your search history and it is recently discovered that this Facebook feature allows anyone who logged into the particular account to surf the entire search history. This search history feature has been disliked by many of the users and some feel that this search history feature is an invasion of their privacy. So in this article I am going to discuss hoe to remove the Facebook history.


How to delete your Facebook history

  • Login to your Facebook account on your browser and got to your profile and hit on ‘Activity log’ which is at the right bottom of your cover photo.
  • On the left hand side of the menu you will find ‘Hit-more’ just underneath the Like, comments and photos.
  • After clicking on hit more the list will be expanded and you will find an option ‘search’ and you need to click on it.
  • Hit on ‘clear searches’ and click on the pop-up dialog, from this menu all of your Facebook history is deleted. Now all of your Facebook history has been deleted.
  • To remove the individual searches instead of cleaning the entire history then hit on the icon right to the searched term and remove when it is prompted.

OfCourse, Facebook still knows whom you have stalked and so you can’t escape, but if you are a serial spy or you want to keep your search uncluttered the this tip is very useful to you. So now nobody able to stalk your ¬†Facebook account and so your Facebook information is safe.


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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