David Isey, TED 2015 winner, wishes to take StoryCorps global


StoryCorps founder and this year’s TED prize winner Dave’s wish to use smartphone applications to archive the human wisdom of humanity has come true with the promise of spreading the ideas that are worth. The TED prize came along with an useful-for-all wish and million dollars, everything that Isay said has been spent to build the StoryCorps application for smartphones and a website.


But what is this StoryCorps? StoryCorps was initially started as a single recording booth where two people engage in a face-to-face conversation for an uninterrupted time of 40 mins. The conversation is recorders, shared and sent to US Library of Congress, where the audio would be preserved for many generations.

A StoryCorps booth


Since its inception in 2003, the nonprofit organization has collected and archived more than 50,000 interviews, engaging more than 100,000 participants, making it the single largest human voice collection. The archive contains families memorializing the stories of the lives lost in 9/11 to people cheering the world cup victory.  The archive even holds an interview between President Obama and a White House mentee. It has given a platform for The Historias Initiative, protecting the Latino stories and conversations.

The effort was initiated by David Isey who won many awards for it including the 2015 TED Prize, which promises the winner to  fund one wish that may change the world. Isey made his wish to take StoryCorps global and to easily record meaningful interviews to be preserved and archived for history.

To make it global, he has announced a free app developed for people to participate without having to hunt for the booth in any corner of the world. The app serves as the moderator to prompt questions and help them record the audio. The finished story can be shared to family and friends through the app. The uploaded archives can be browsed at StoryCorps.me website. The app is available in English only but the developers are working on with a translation team to make the transcripts of the online talks available in many languages.

Interested in sharing your story too? Then download the app through https://storycorps.me.