CyanogenMod 11 support for 2012 Kindle fire HD to re-ignite the flame



Amazon is an organizations that have effectively forked Android into their system, especially with the Kindle Fire lineup. Planned to be an e-reader and a tablet for undertaking digital content, the Amazon Kindle Fire runs well with Amazon’s wide offering of ebooks, TV shows, videos and movies, and additionally app in the Appstore of Amazon. The Kindle Fire line up market’s share is on decline, Amazon delights solid revenue rate from the tablet sale of digital content.

Yet underneath everything, the device is a quite skilled Android device, and so many fan really purchased the economical Kindle Fire flagship devices with a specific end goal to root and flash custom ROMs. Many of those ROMs were not supported by this line up,  and most of supported by community. This might be going to change this time with latest CyanogenMod 11 support for 2012 Kindle fire HD and Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ introducing KitKat to the device.

Nightly versions are already available to download from official CM download portal with the code name of “tate” for Kindle fire 7 inch version and “jem” for Kindle fire 8.8 variant tablet. But to get these ROM on your device your device should be rooted and installed either CWM or TWRP recovery properly which I think is not a hefty task to make these modifications on any Android running devices. Be sure that these none of these process are official and might damage your device and also you will loss your device warranty.

Fire OS, the Android theme that comes with the Amazon’s Kindle Fire line is developed with simplicity in mind, and as such, it is considered to be very specific, especially by Android fans.

Interested Kindle owners can grab this nightly CM 11 ROM to their device easily from official CM11 official download portal.