How to Customize the Windows 10 Start Menu


The Microsoft latest Windows Operating System Windows 10  come back with Start Menu. You can customize your Windows 10 Start Menu according to your choice, you can make more personalization according to your choice for the latest Start Menu. Here you can get the number of methods and ways which can help you to customize the Windows 10 Operting System Start Menu in this article.

Methods to customize the Windows 10 Start Menu –

#Resize the Start Menu –

You can able to resize the Start Menu by simply moving your mouse to the top edge of the Start Menu and re-sizing down. And it will make the Start Menu wider if you have live tiles pinned.


#Resize Live Tiles –

You can change the size of the tiles by right-clicking on them and choosing Resize and then picking a size. The “Large” size is a little on the ridiculous size, but at least you have a lot of choices.

#Change the Start Menu (and Taskbar) Color

You can easily change the color of your Start Menu and Taskbar by right-clicking any empty space and choosing Personalize. The Color and the appearance dialog will show up, and you can change the color to any awful style that you want


#Adding Control Panel and Special Items to the Left Side of the Start Menu

The Windows 10  can also add some special  that us mainly built-in shortcuts to the left side of the Start Menu, but you will need to find a settings screen. After that you have to Right-click on any of the white space and choose Properties.

#Remove All Live Tiles and Make It Look Like Windows 7

You can lso customize the new Start Menu is to just remove all of the silly live tiles and make it look more like Windows 7. Only you have to need to do is unpin all the items on the right side, put the items on the left side that you want, and then resize it down until it looks good.

windos 7 look

#Turn Off Live Tile Updates

If all those Live or Blinking tiles end up annoying you, then you have to just right-click on them and choose “Turn live tile off.