How to Customize Start Screen on Windows Phone


Live tiles and Start screen is the main drawback and most advertised feature of Windows Phone, however there nothing to customize the look of the tiles shape but yes there is few ways to customize the home-screen according to your need by shifting and re-sizing the tiles.

While making changes to the home screen, we made five possible Windows Phone 8 user types and designed different layouts for each one. The four core apps which we have used in all the layouts(phone, messaging, Internet Explorer, and email). In our experience, Windows Phone is the most easily personalized mobile OS out there. Below are our first attempts at customizing some different Start screens.

How to Customize Start Screen on Windows Phone

Home-screen for Normal Users


As we have examined that normal smartphone user keep apps on the start screen mixed with social media and core apps such as twitter, Facebook, news , maps and other stock app tiles. You can also a live tile for Weather and a shortcut to Nokia’s transit apps, both indispensable items for the urban professional. Look at the image below to get the image below customize yours as well.

Start Screen with minimum apps


If you want to keep all your install app under the start menu and want to make he start screen then this could help you out for sure, here we have tried to use most of the daily use stock apps on home screen rather than trying to make it crowded.

Every basic function is represented on the Start screen, and aside from the weather forecast, no animated tiles are used. This arrangement shows that Windows Phone does not necessarily have to be saturated with information and flashy animations.

If you are social media addict


If you use your device a lot and tries to stay connected socially via internet using the apps then this customization will sure help you to customize  your home screen with dedicated social app.

Here we have included third-party app for Instagram and Pinterest, though they do not compare to what is available on Android or iOS. But we have all cried enough about lackluster Windows Phone apps, time to move on.

Home-screen for Media addict


Almost all the users love to play music, watch videos, edit images and videos on the go, because of that only we tried out the best to put media as well as social app and photos app.

With the right tiles in use it is easy to have media applications on your Windows Phone, rather than exclusively displaying colored blocks. Plus, everybody loves a good slideshow. Here also I hope you will like this tile settings to customize yours.

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