How to customize Moto 360 watch face with Motorola Connect


Moto 360 is the most stylish smartwatch from Motorola and there is something you may like which is already built into the software of Moto 360. Now there is a way to change the colors of the bundled watch faces with the new Motorola Connect app. Let us see how to change the color of Moto 360 watch face.


 How to customize Moto 360 watch face with Motorola Connect

  • First you need to have the latest version of Motorola Connect app, you can download it from the link given at the bottom of the post. The latest update includes the software which can adjust the faces and send them over the air to Moto 360 watch.
  • Also, you need to have to connect your Moto 360 to your Android phone through the Android Wear app.
  • After connecting, open the Motorola connect app, you can now see your Moto 360 listed as the connected device and tap on it.
  • Here you will get some options and you will find “watch faces” item at the top of list. You can also customize the colors of various watch faces installed.
  • Here you will find list of watch faces which are pre-installed on your Moto 360. Zip through the watch faces and select the best one and below that there is a green bar saying “customize”. By tapping on it you can move to the screen where you can customize the colors.
  • You can also change the overall color of the watch face under the “background” setting and it is pretty much easy to do.

The face on your watch is instantly changes the to match the color that you are picked in the Motorola Connect app on your Android phone.

Download Motorola Connect app