How to customize LG G3 on screen buttons


LG G3 is the prestigious flagship smartphone from LG recently entered the market. Like its predecessor LG G2, G3 also sports on-screen buttons, so customizing on screen buttons is very simple as it is just the matter of software. LG has given the whole menu area dedicated to customize the G3’s on-screen keys. User can customize the keys as well as they can add up to five keys to the button panel and also can change the way they look.

By default the phone comes with the button layout of back home recent apps, but you can change its layout and add the new buttons to perform other tasks. Customizing the LG G3 screen buttons is very simple and this doesn’t require any other third party application on the device. Below is the small tutorial for how to customize the on screen buttons of LG G3.

How to customize LG G3 on screen buttons


  • Step 1 : Before customizing the on screen buttons, first navigate to Settings (Device tab)>Home touch buttons>Button combination. 
  • Step 2 : In the button combination setting you can add more buttons to the navigation key. You need to just drag and drop the key which you want on the navigation panel. There is also an option which allows you to rearrange the buttons to cater your needs. You can add up to only two more buttons, so you need to compromise on this.
  • Step 3 : Not only add the shortcuts which you like, you can also change the background color of the navigation keys. For this you need to go to Settings>>Home touch buttons>>Color. After choosing the color the background will automatically change and so you can easily choose which one you like.

With this simple you can easily change the background color and button layout of the navigation keys on your LG G3 smartphone.