How to customize LG G3 lock screen


LG has made lock screen of it s Android phones to look better with the better OEM efforts. This drift continues even with the LG’s latest smartphone LG G3 and it doesn’t end just what are available out of the box. LG offers so many options to customize the G3 lock screen experience from widgets to wallpapers and app shortcuts. It is very simple to customize your lock screen and everything is handy and all you need to do is head into settings>Lock screen.


Unlocking options

Android offers so many screen lock options such as PIN, Pattern and password. LG G3 features some more lock options like Face Unlock, PIN, Pattern lock and Password entry to keep the phone secured. LG G3 has the option to disable the lock screen, just swipe simply and LGs own Knock Code and it is awesome way to secure your phone. Here is the small description of various unlocking options.

  • Pattern lock : Pattern lock can be changed with the three different appearances, select whether or not to hide the pattern dots when you turn on the display and select whether or not want your pattern traced out on the screen.
  • PIN lock : Select whether to hid the PIN pattern or not when you first turn on the screen and again just a tap brings it up and you can choose whether you want the order of the numbers to be completely random or not.
  • Face Unlock : Before using Face Unlock just setup a backup PIN lock in the cases the phone not recognizes your face for whatever the reason. It takes some more time to improve the face matching.
  • Password lock : You can select whether you want password entry box to be displayed when your first turn on the screen and tap is required to bring it up.

Customize LG G3 lock screen

  • Wallpaper : Set a different wallpaper on your LG G3 lock screen on your home screen.
  • Widgets : Make sure that this is enabled to let the lock screen widgets to be added.
  • Messages and missed calls : Enable messages and missed calls on lock screen which provides you the notification of the phone calls you don’t receive and preview of the messages.
  • Shortcuts : Choose which apps you want to see in the five spots at the bottom of the lock screen so those apps can be accessed from the lock screen.
  • Weather animation : If you enable this option you will get a beautiful animation laid into the lock screen which provides the weather information.
  • Contact info of lost phone : If you had lost your G3 and you want it back then you can add your contact information to the lock screen and if any body find it might get into touch.