Custom Windows Operating System Coming To Intel Galileo

By | August 19, 2014
Windows_operating system

The software giant Microsoft has promised to Intel Galileo developers to offer a custom Windows Operating System which can be used to power and connect to other devices. Essentially, the Galileo is like a Raspberry Pi for Windows developers to use to power the next generation of the Internet of Things.


The Microsoft is also said that  the developers will soon be able to download and install this custom version of Windows on their Intel Galileo boards. Previously, only the  Galileo boards  are sent by  the Microsoft to a few developers came pre-loaded with Windows.The Galileo board is just a little larger than a credit card and has limited power with a 400MHz Quark X1000 processor, a 32-bit processor based on the Pentium instruction set architecture. Windows have been customized to work within the constraints of the board, which has been used in the development of robots, sensor devices and health monitors.

This Custom Windows Operating System is  also said that  it to be a non-commercial version of Windows  and it is mainly based on  the Microsoft’s consumer release of  the Windows 8.1 operating system. But what is the name of the OS is still a big question, but this custom OS of Microsoft is easily compatible with Ardunio as well. When this custom Windows operating System will launch it, not reveal by the Company’s, whereas on the other side the next version Windows Operating System which has a codenamedThreshold” might be Windows 9 launched in the first quarter of the next year 2015.