Custom Map Creation Comes To Google Drive

By | December 11, 2014
my maps

Google’s My Maps tool, which is used for building custom drives, trips and routes on its Maps has now been integrated into Google Drive. You can now build custom maps very easily now, just as easy as creating new documents.

my maps

Google will begin rolling out the update to Drive users over next week. The users will be able to create maps from Drive and organize their custom maps as well. The My Maps tool will also be getting functional improvement. It will now have the ability to add more details and user generated points of interest to the maps.

My Maps is a very relevant tool to computer users, and it’s refreshing to see Google doing something to package it along with other important tools like document editor and slideshow creator. The biggest challenge for Google is going to introduce My Maps to the normal user and make it become mainstream. It should have a wider range of customers who are using it. Google’s aim is to make it’s customers document their holidays or vacations completely on My Maps. For that same reason, My maps is now targeting a wider range of users.


Author: Saugaat

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