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By | June 16, 2015
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Cookpad - Cucumbertown - Main Feature 1Cookpad acquires Bengaluru based Cucumbertown for undisclosed amount. Tokyo based Cookpad is online recipe network. Cucumbertown is a social network for cooks and chefs. Cucumbertown is a recipe publishing network for cooks and chefs. The company has grown from a simple recipe sharing network to a food blogging platform. Cucumbertown has readers to their blog in 160+ countries and many use them.

Cucumbertown sensed the opportunity when cooks start publishing their recipes and saw a gap in the market and decided to launch a platform for food blogging. The platform is dedicated to the needs of the growing mass of food bloggers. Chef can customise their blogs with themes and custom domains.

The company was founded by Arun Prabhakar and Cherian Thomas.  Cherian Thomas is Chief Executive Officer of Cucumbertown. He has graduated from Cochin University of Science and Technology in Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering – 2006. He started his career as intern in SupportSoft Inc in March 2006. Later he joined the company as software engineer.

Cookpad - Cucumbertown - Main Feature 2He worked with the company for 3.5 years and joined a startup. He worked in the new startup for 11 months. In June 2010, Cherian Thomas joined Zynga, the popular games provider as Senior Software Engineer. He worked in the company till July 2012 and founded Cucumbertown in July 2012.

Arun Prabhakar is Chief Technology Officer and co founder of Cucumbertown. He has graduated in Bachelor of Technology in Electronics from Model Engineering College in 2009. He started his career as software engineer at SmartCrowds Software P Ltd. He worked on the area of content management system and jQuery JavaScript library. He was instrumental in developing several social media applications on Orkut, Facebook and Ning. After 13 months stint he moved out.

In 2009 he worked as software engineer in Tutor Vista. He customised Drupal and Django Content management system for the company. Apart from this he developed and deployed a new Q&A website called He worked with Tutor Vista for 26 months.

Cookpad - Cucumbertown - Main Feature 3In 2010 Arun joined Taggle Internet Ventures as software engineer/front engineer on a part time basis. In 2012 Arun joined Boltell as software engineer. He rewrote and cleaned up the Satchomo e Commerce code which was part of website revamp. After 8 months of stint, he co founded Cucumbertown.

Cucumbertown has offices in different locations. They have offices in Mountain View, CA and Bengaluru in India. The company received $300,000 as seed capital from angel investors. Later they raised undisclosed amount in Series ‘A’ funding from Helion Venture Partners and Ludlow Ventures.

Cherian Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of Cucumbertown said “During the course of the past two-and-half years, Cucumbertown grew from a simple recipe-sharing network to a food blogging platform reaching out to 160-plus countries and millions of users.”  He further added “During the course of our growth, we realised that Cucumbertown was the best pedestal for cooks to start publishing. But eventually when they realised how good they were, they moved on to starting their own food blogs. That’s when we saw a gap in the market and decided to launch the world’s first ever food blogging platform, dedicated to the needs of the growing mass of food bloggers.”

Cookpad - Cucumbertown - Main Feature 4He further added “Food blogging is a highly lucrative source of livelihood. But at the moment, it’s very fragmented and the blogger needs to understand too many intricacies of monetisation to earn something substantial. We hope to change that and make it a level-playing field for anyone who wants to be a food blogger. The first step towards this was the release of the RecipeWriter — an editor focussed on just food blogging.”

Cookpad is Japan’s largest recipe sharing site. The website allows visitors to upload and search user created recipes. Cookpad is listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange. They have 50 million users and have a repository of two million recipes.

The deal is tipped to be in multi-million dollar and Cucumbertown will remain an independent company under Cookpad. For Cookpad this presents a vast opportunity to develop the market since the country has rich culture in culinary heritage. In India lot of people cook everyday and a virgin market for cooking related content.

Cookpad - Cucumbertown - Main Feature 5Cherian Thomas of Cucumbertown said “This acquisition will enable Cucumbertown to scale to international markets and monetize. The terms of the deal have not been made public but this is among the larger acquisitions that Cookpad has made. The India team will continue to expand rapidly with focus on design, engineering and data analytics talent.”

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