Creative Studio Photo editing app for Windows Phone : Review


There are so many apps for image editing in the market, but Creative Studio is more unique with its features. It makes editing the photos as simple as possible and customisable. Taking photos now a days is the pretty big deal on the smartphones and especially on the Nokia Lumia series phones, which features the best cameras.

Creative Studio is the absolutely the smart picture taking, sharing and editing app and it is exclusively available only for the Nokia’s Windows Phone. Those who want to edit their photos and do some modifications Creative Studio is the best option for editing the photos in Windows Phones and it has some great photo editing options, filters and more to make the most of your camera.


In Creative Studio you can choose form the loads of effects as like the other photo editing apps. You can adjust the key things of the image such as the shape, exposure and color of the photo as well and you can also create some funny things like Face wrapping and general merriment with your images. Patented technology used in it enables blazing fast and in-camera effects which allows you to not wait to see your photos. You can snap the Panorama shots effectively and effortlessly.

It incorporates an option to share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. There are so many apps for the same function with varying qualities, but Creative Studio is free and with out limits. Using Creative Studio make your snaps into great photos using its gorgeous effects and editing tools.

Download Creative Studio for Windows Phone.