How to create reminders in Google Search

By | September 29, 2014

Google has now offered the easiest way to create the new reminders right off the search functions. Reminders are like a blessing things for those who are fed up with work and often miss the things they were planned to do. But this latest feature built into your device and the Google account, you will not miss any task that you are supposed to do.

To create the reminder, you need to just type in a simple query with a specific syntax in the Google search box and this result in you having your remainder created in the Google account. For this you need to be logged into the Google account, and Google Now should be turned ON on your iOS/Android/Chrome browser and by the way this works only in Chrome browser and this works for only Google Search in English. Below is the tutorial for how to create the remainder in Google search.

How to create reminders in Google Search

  • Go to the Google Search on any of your web browsers.
  • Type in the query which indicates the task and a time for example, “remind me to pay telephone bill at 11 am tomorrow” and hit on search button.
  • Now it should show you the summary of the remainder which you have created and can also make any modifications to the reminder now. Once after creating the reminder hit on the link saying Remind me on Google Now.
  • Now a confirmation message will appear on the screen saying the remainder which has been created and you will be reminded by the Google Now on your device.

That’s it you are done and you will be reminded the reminder when the time arrives.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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