How to Create Public Folder on Google Drive

By | July 2, 2014

This article brings you the clear information about how to create a public folder on Google Drive, For this you need to follow some steps Once you create a folder you can drag any documents you wants to be in the folder. The will be helpful to share in the Google site.

Steps to follow  how to create Public Folder on Google Drive

  • Click on the Create Folder suppose if you are using Google docs instead of Google Drive.

Create a Public Folder in Google Drive.doc - Google Docs

  • Type the name in the name bar field, Once you are done with this you can enter name and hit the create button.
  • Now you are done with the folder, Click on the drop down list for this you need to click on the Triangle box.
  • In that list select the option share, Click on the word change besides private access through change that.
  • Click the public on the web, enable the check box.

Public on web

  • Finally click on Save button and click done, If you would like to have your folder and have a color, Click the grey triangle and click on the change color and pick the color.