How to create nested folder in iOS 8

By | September 22, 2014
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Keeping your Home screen in an organised manners makes you difficult some times, to over come this problem you need to create a nested folder where using folder is the only method to organize the Home Screen in iOS. This article gives you the clear and correct information about how to create nested folder in iOS 8 and follow the steps given below. Hidden in iOS 8 is a glitch that allows you to nest folders within folders. This can be helpful if you’d like to sub-categorize apps within folders or hide various stock apps in iOS 8. Nesting folders on iOS 8 is easy to do and completely reversible.

Steps to be Followed

Step 1 : Create a folder with any apps you like to be nested with in another folder.

Step 2 : Create a second folder using two apps on the home screen and at the same time quickly drag the folder from the step above into the new folder. You must drag the first folder into the second folder right as the new one is being created.

Step 3 : That’s it.

This is the easy and simple process and this can extremely helpful and allows you to hidden the applications as well as sub Categorize apps. If you’d like to reverse the process, all you’ll need to do is drag any of the nested folders back out to the home screen.

If you have created a lot of nested folders, you can always head into the Settings app and go to: General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout. This will return the home screen layout to a stock configuration, but it will not delete any data from your device. Hope this article will helps to create nested folders in iOS 8.