How to create Medical ID on iOS 8



Apple now allowing users to create the medical ID on iOS 8 to use the newly added Health app, even tough the main app is still down but the Medical ID is working absolutely fine. According to Apple, by the time of launching OS X Yosemite, they will fix all the known issues occurred with the Health App.

The Medical ID is important not only to used the native Health app, because in case of an emergency, medical responders can look at your phone and know any allergies or medical conditions you have and know who to contact for you without unlocking your phone, these are the highlighted features of Apple Health app people are waiting for.


If you have updated your iPhone or iPad to latest iOS 8 and interested to create Medical ID on iOS, just walk though the steps to create one. For the first timers it will take little more time to enter all the details about your physics, daily routine, and more, so before starting this, make sure you have enough time to fill all the required information.

As I mentioned above, in order to have medical ID you have to put all you basic info including contact number, photo, blood type and more.

Just open the Medical ID app and tap the red icon at the right bottom to create one. In the next screen you see plenty of data you have to provide starting from your name to medication conditions, height, weight and much more. It also ask you to enter an emergency number, while entering number you are allowed to give the relationship with member whose number you have given. Once after giving all the details, tap on Done(option at Top Right) to save all the details.


People will not be able to get into your phone when it is password protected on it. Even they will not be able to make any phone call to the person whose contact is saved on your phone. But as any one press Emergency button at the the lower left hand side, they will be able to see all the personal details you have just saved while creative medical ID. Here the number you have given as emergency contact can be called.