How to create catalogue of digital music collection


Some of our readers asked how they can create the catalogue or list of their digital music collection. If you want to create the printed catalogue from the just imported collection from the CD and you need to display the artist and track name, then here is the tutorial to create the catalog of the digital music collection.


How to create catalogue of digital music collection using Windows Media Player

By default, Windows Media Player doesn’t have such built-in feature, but there is an additional add-on from Microsoft which help you to enable the export and print your media info.

  • Download Windows Media Player 9 Series Winter Fun Pack 2003 from here. 
  • If your PC is running on XP, this package should install without any issues. If you try to install it on the later versions of the Operating System, due to changes in the folder permissions used during the installation.
  • After installing the fun pack, launch the Windows Media player and hit Alt Key. You can now see the menus along the top.
  • Now select Tools>Plugins Media Info Exporter. Now choose All music from drop-down menu and click on properties. Here select the application you want to export the music information to Internet Explorer, Notepad or Microsoft Word.
  • Now click on OK and then Export, you can now print your music library directly from the chosen program.

If you try to install this package on Windows 7, it will shown an error code 1303, because the installer is attempting to write to the folder to which installer has permission access. To make this package work on Windows 7, you need to manually change the permissions on this folder.

  • For 32-bit windows, it will be C:Program FilesWindows Media Player and for the 64-bit windows, C:Program Files(x86)Windows Player.
  • Open the File Explorer and open the Windows Media Player folder. Right click on the Icons folder and select the security tab and here click on Advanced and select Owner tab. Click on Edit and set the owner to Administrators. Now close all the dialog boxes by clicking on OK.

On Windows 8, you will find a link at the top of the security settings and here change the owner. Click on this and type administrators in the box marked Enter the object name to select. Click on Check names and then OK. Now right click on the Icon folder, go to the security tab and click edit. Select Administrators and then the full control option and now close all dialog boxes.

Now you can be able to install the fun pack on Windows 7 and Windows 8.