“Crash and Smash” new game for Windows Phone

By | May 12, 2014
Crash and Smash

The Crash and Smash is the latest game has launched on the Windows Phone OS platform.  In the Crash and Smash game-  in the gameplay, you can act as a cat and that cat is destroying anything in the apartment while the owner is away. The goal is to knock as many of the owner’s possessions onto the floor as possible in one minute.

Crash and Smash

The main hero of the game is  Boris, an adorable cat who was shuffled from home to home and finally adopted by the Kind Human. And the owner of  the Apartment is not available at home. You can gain score points every time by knocking over a book, bottle, flowerpot, or any other fragile and valuable object which is present in the room of the Apartment. You can control the Boris Cat with the  help of these controls-

  • Cat controller – use left hand for moving and turning
  • Classic control – use left hand for moving and right hand for turning

In the initial version of Crash and Smash  there are only  three levels, which are  limited to the living room, kitchen and bathroom. The game is beginner stages of development and the developers want to make it better.  The Game is available at  the Windows Phone Store at a price of $2.49. The free trail of game is not available.