Cortana Coming To Windows 9 ‘Threshold’ As An App


According to the latest rumors, the Microsoft Cortana will be available in the upcoming Windows ‘Threshold’ (codenamed) means Windows 9. The Cortana will be  in the Windows 9 as an app, according to one of the report. The report claims that the tech giant Microsoft is developing the digital assistant for Microsoft’s PC operating system is moving forward towards a possible to its final integration.

cortana new feature

According to the recent job posting on the Microsoft, the Cortana will appear in the next version of Windows. The report is also claimed that the operating system giant Microsoft has finalized the Cortana for the next version of the Windows ‘Threshold’. And according to of the sources in the Microsoft that they has put Cortana on the more stable release development schedule for the next version of Windows. It adds that at the moment, Cortana is an app on Threshold and takes up about 25 percent of a PC’s display when it is in use. However, the app still has the same animations found in the Windows Phone 8.1 version and can be used by either voice or typed commands.

At the present time the Cortana is available for the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, and it is available in such few countries such as the beta variant of the Cortana is available in the US, UK and China, whereas the alpha variant of the Cortana is now in India, Australia and Canada.