CoreOS raises $12 million in funding and unveils Tectonic

By | April 7, 2015

CoreOS yesterday announced a new $12 million round funding and introduced a new product called Tectonic. The new product of CoreOS, creator of the container-oriented Linux distribution of the same, is the commercial version of its product that is meant for business enterprises and contains tools for managing containers at large level.


The latest product Tectonic brings together CoreOS with Kubernetes, Google’s container management tool. According to CoreOS, “Tectonic delivers Google’s infrastructure to everyone else.” However, it would be more appropriate to say it delivers CoreOS’s idea of Google infrastructure to all – although as a solo complete stack and not as a some assembly required production.

The CEO of CoreOS, Alex Polvi described Tectonic as “the opinionated complete picture.” Here opinionated means representing a particular theory of how to do distributed container deployments. Different components of CoreOS stack which includes its Linus distribution, its distributed data store, its networking technology, its container systems are all put together as a package meant for the enterprises. “This is really the full package coming together for the first time,” added Polvi.

Apart from the software stack, Tectonic offers other stuff too. They are an installer, an updater, management console, tools to interact with the API set, and “a curated set of all the open source projects that are supported,” as Polvi says.

In terms of CoreOS’s relationship with Kubernetes, Polvi said his company is actively involved in the community of Kubernetes and Google’s Kubernetes community actively participate with the CoreOS projects. Tectonic has been positioned by CoreOS as a commercial distribution of the combination of CoreOS platform and Kubernetes project.

When asked why CoreOS did not try to raise more than $12 million, Polvi replied his company raised enough money to execute the plan. Even if it looks a bit old-fashioned, he says it is the right way to function a company at the current stage.

The release is an open beta i.e. it is available only for selected customers. The date for general-availability release has not been finalised, so there is no news on pricing so far. CoreOS’s intention is to create more interest and hype and then announce a full-pledged release after June this year.