How to convert videos into GIFs

By | July 5, 2014

Many people want to convert movie files into GIFs for different reasons like to integrate into their websites or blogs and for UI purposes and more. The main reason to create the GIFs is they can put an animation of the video without streaming the audio itself. But for some people who are not familiar with these kind of things it seems to be difficult.

So, in this article I clearly explain how to create the GIFs from the video files. There are somany software which can do this thing for you.


How to convert videos into GIFs

  1. First Download and install the LICEcap installer application. It is very simple and easy to use which records the screen activity into GIF files.
  2. It is used to record anything on the screen, not just the video. This app is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.
  3. Now find the part of the video which you want to capture and pause it few seconds before that position and decide how much big you want the GIF.
  4. In many of the web browsers you can hold the control and press minus and plus to zoom out and in. If you are using any media player you can also re-size the window and change the size.
  5. Now run the LICEcap software and re-size the app window to frame the area on the screen which you want to record. If you are framing the small part of the bigger video which you should make sure that what you are trying to capture isn’t going move out of the frame.
  6. Select the frame rate which you want to use. I suggest 12 as the best frame rate to capture the faster movements.
  7. LICE cap is not an image editor, it simply records to GIF. You can use the image editor like GMIP afterwards to  make it longer or shorter. Press the record and now you will be asked for the file name and where to save it.
  8. Now click on Save and you will be given 3 seconds of countdown before the recording starts. Click play on the video before the countdown starts an hit on the space bar to make the YouTube videos play, but it will take second to start and show the play button overlay.
  9. Now click on stop and the window stop recording and can view the created GIF bu opening in the browser.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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