How to convert img files to Odin Flash Files


Odin is the most popular tool which allows you to flash the custom development files such as the custom mods and custom ROMs on your Android devices. It is the widely used tool which is used to flash almost all devices which runs on Android. If you want to flash any file with Odin too, then it must be a valid Odin flashable file. Many of the times, like in the scenarios of looking for the custom recoveries you will comes around the files with the .img extension. These files with .img extension are nothing but the image files which must be first converted into the Odin flashable files and make them work on your deivce.

Here is the small tutorial for converting .img files to Odin files. There is a tool which allows you to create the Odin flashable files of the image files automatically. This tool is developed by the developer at XDA forums. This particular tool takes the image file as the input and generates the file ready to flash with Odin.

How to convert img files to Odin Flash Files

  • Go to the XDA forums and download the script tool from here.
  • After downloading the script tool put it on your desktop and extract the files from the archive file and extract all the files on to the desktop.


  • Now get the image file which you want to convert to Odin flashable to the desktop. Make sure that particular file ends with .img extension.
  • After putting the img file on the desktop and double click on ImgToTar.MD5.bat¬†file and it launches the tool for the conversion process.
  • It will do everything automatically on its own so no user interrupt is required and wait for sometime to finish the conversion.
  • After the Odin file get ready CMD window will close and you will see newly created file on the desktop. You can use that file with Odin to flash on your Android device.