How to Convert an Email to PDF


Overall Google Chrome is the best browser for surfing internet from PC or laptop. It allows you to directly convert any webpage text, HTML code into pdf format easily that helps you to send those document via mail to someone. If you are on PC then it’s OK, every time in need you can use Chrome to convert a pdf file of a mail or attract document such as MS Word, PowerPoint slides or Excel sheets.


Here I have a nice tip for you to convert any email, word document, excel sheets into PDF easily without visiting to any website, in fact using the mail itself you will be able to get the pdf file, isn’t sounds good??, Well just read the complete article and meanwhile just try once, I am sure you will get surprised after seeing the response of the mail you are going to use to convert files.

Note down these three different email ID which you will find this worthy after reading the post for sure.

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 How to Convert an Email to PDF


Here we will see the function of each mail listed above, you can forward the original email message you want to convert into the pdf file to and the service will revert back a PDF version of the message you just send, back to you in a few seconds. I have used this to send convert simple text and HTML document and it was just same as send to this mail.

Now if you have some document such as Word document, Excel sheets that you want to mail someone else in pdf format then you can forward the files to and they will come back to you in PDF format. Another helpful service that doest the same to convert files by email but the main advantage with is that it reply you with the converted PDF file attached by email itself, you never need to visit their website to download the PDF.

Here is the 3rd and essential feature that you may also use to get web pages as PDF format. Here also you just need to just send the web address url (not the saved pages) of the page in the email body and send to and the service will automatically send you the full page in PDF format. This service can be used for inspecting pages that otherwise are not accessible due to internet filters and some other privacy reasons.

Must share your views about this billion dollar worth service that is dedicated to offer these services with just one tap absolutely for free. In every mail they ask to donate something, if you liked it, please try to donate something that you can, I’m sure it will make you smile.