Control Your Thermostat With Your Voice


Maybe we are finally entering the world that was promised by the sci-fi books from our young days. Ever felt cold but been too lazy to move and adjust the thermostat from ‘over there’? There is no need to worry now. You can control your thermostat through your voice. Sounds brilliant?

You can now control the Nest thermostat by your voice! Google acquired the makers of nest for $3.2 billion earlier this year and they’re integrating the functionalities of Nest into Google Now. Next time you want to change the temperature, just say “Ok Google, change temperature to 24 degrees” and voila, the thermostat’s temperature will change!

google now nest

A Google Now card will pop up every time the temperature settings are changed using the voice functionality. A card will pop up also when Google changes the temperature on its own based on your habits. Because this feature relies on Google Now, as of now it will only work through Android enabled devices. While the voice commands will still work on iOS, these functions will only work on Android.

You will obviously need a nest installed to take advantage of this function. It won’t work with other thermostats, duh. And lastly, you’ll need to turn this function on through Google Now…because it would be pretty creepy if your thermostat turns on by itself.