How to control iPad’s onscreen keyboard


Lets us say while using virtual keyboard and it got struck in the middle of the screen instead of at the bottom. You can over come easily back to the bottom of the screen. Actually iPad offers two positions for the onscreen keyboard one is docked and other is undocked.

The docked mode places the keyboard at the bottom of the screen where as undocked mode shifts it up to middle. You find your keyboard floating on undocked mode or else as usually on docked mode. Now hold down the keyboard button which you normally tap to turn off the keyboard.


Once you tap to turn off the keyboard a pop up menu will appear with two options namely Dock and Split as shown in the above picture and now you can move your finger to the dock option and your keyboard should sink back to your to the bottom of the screen.

Then what about the second option split? If you click on the split option it will separates the keyboard into two halves which will be handy for the users who wants to type both sets of finger. The keys in the keyboard themselves become smaller. This option will be beneficial for the users who have tiny fingertips. There is also possibility to split the keyboard by placing your fingers in the middle of the keyboard and moving them apart; you can merge it by pinching the two halves back together.