ContactPage Android app : Quickly find out contact details more accurately


If you are frustrated with some many contacts on your phone and not able to find the specific contacts very quickly, then ContactPage Android app will provide you the solution. This app allow you to create the self-updating contact lists. Now no need to use the fridge real estate for the contacts lists we all have hanging on the fridge for your kids friends, family, colleagues and so on.

It’s unique approach is to create the lists of contacts which can be shared and updated dynamically by the contacts themselves. This will ensure that you will find the right contact details very quickly, up to date and without confusing your device’s main contact list. Below is the list of some features of ContactPage app.



  • Create the separate pages each with their own contacts based on the purpose such as clients of your company, friends of your children, colleagues, coffee shops, restaurants, event organizers and more.
  • Ability to share your contact pages with others through SMS or emails.
  • Contacts you have saved in the lists can update their own details automatically, so you no need to keep them updated.
  • Call, Email or text each member in the contact list in just one quick tap.
  • ContactPage offers the benefit of finding the contact details quickly and maintaining the accuracy as well as your contacts get to update their details.

So with Contactspage it is very easy to find any contact details from your huge contact list. You can also share your contacts with anyone through email or SMS right from the app. This app is available for free and you can download it from below link.

Download ContactPage