How to Connect Xbox to a Wireless Network

By | July 1, 2014


This is one of the most searched questions about the Xbox to connect the console to a Wireless network, however, it is very easy to get connect to the WiFi, especially if they set-up their own networks. However, in a time when ISPs are handing out free full-function wireless routers with their services, some owners might be unaware of their security settings or other information that is required to connect the Xbox 360 to the network. If you are also having the same issue then this guide will help you out for sure.

In this tutorial we will learn to connect Xbox to a Wireless network by entering the settings manually if you are using the password that you know as your security (WPA-PSK). If this is Ok then go through the steps mentioned below to get your task done in minutes.

Steps to Connect Xbox to a Wireless Network

  1. First of all turn On your WiFi and check everything is working fine or not and then turn On your Xbox console.
  2. Go under the My Xbox 360 dashboard, go to System Settings and press A. (It will work only if you have upgraded your console to the latest one).
  3. Under the System Settings, you will see several options, use the controller to scroll down to Network Settings and press A again. (Actually A is to accept the option)
  4. Again under Network you will options allows you to connect to a specific network, select the Configure Network Option by navigating and pressing A from the controller.
  5. In the next window you will see two tabs labeled Basic Settings and Additional Settings, Under the basic settings select the option called “Wireless Mode
  6. Here also you will see a couple of options, select the first one “Scan For Networks“, one scanning completes, it will list you the network in the range. Check yours one is there or not, if not then again scan.
  7. After getting the network, Navigate there and press A to select the network, if the network you have created is password projected then, it will ask you to enter the password, and wait for the console to connect to your network.

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